Born in Peru, Walter is a playwright, theater director and teacher with over forty years of theatrical experience. Published as both a playwright and novelist, his award-winning work has appeared in several anthologies. As a theater director, he worked alongside experts like Tony Cots, at Odin Theatre in Denmark, and Fumiyoshi Kanze Asai of Tokyo Opera, among others. Translated into French in 1990, his play, “El Lago Encantado” premiered in Paris the same year. In 2000, his translated work “To Dance to the Great” premiered in New York City. In 2010, his play “OH, Yantay” won three ACE awards in New York City. In 2013, he won the ATI Award for Best Director of Monologues. In 2014, his play “Poems of Love, Madness and Death” received three ATI Awards.


Born in Santiago, Dominican Republic, Emely developed a passion for the theatre at a young age. Seeking challenging characters that eschewed the more traditional roles available to actresses, she enrolled in several esteemed acting workshops: Preparation of the Actor (Theatre Thalia), The Conscious Unconscious Actor (IATI Theatre), and Physical Work of the Actor (Pin Puppets). Before co-founding Guacamolink, she participated in a number of well-received productions: “Ollantay” (NY, 2011), “Obnoxious Snake” (NY & Boston, 2011), “Son of the Nightingale” (NY, 2012 & Spain, 2013), “Poems of Love, Madness and Death” (Spain, 2013) and “Courageous Women” (Paris, 2013). In 2012, she earned a nomination for Best Newcomer at the ATI Awards. In 2013, she received ATI’s Best Actress in a Monologue award, and in 2014, she won the ATI Award for Best Actress.


Born in Quito, Ecuador,Marcelo is the president of a Hispanic Marketing Consulting Firm in New York City (Grupo Parada). His foray into theater was accidental and coincidental. He attended an acting class looking to improve his client interactions, and, before he knew it, he caught the theatre bug.